This made me laugh so hard!

hollywood producers are concerned with rebooting old movies and reuniting cast members for possible continuations but what they should be concerned with is creating a space jam sequel 

what fckh8 said about asexuality still burns me like…there are people who may not have been aware of their marketing ploys who looked at them as a positive organization that supported all identities and orientations

and these people, who have to deal with their sexual orientation being invalidated in their daily lives, then have the addendum of being silenced by a group of people who supposedly aim to ‘support’ them????


Dear pan and ace people,

Fckh8 have said they’re going to bring out products for pan and ace people in light of this summer’s giant fuckup.


FCKH8 have a long history of being a horrible organisation, focussed solely on cis gays and lesbians (and maybe bisexuals sometimes too). Check out http://stopfckh8.tumblr.com for info on lots of the shit they’ve done.

They aren’t creating these products because they suddenly care about pan and ace people. They’ve just seen that there’s a market for this stuff, and what FCKH8 cares about isn’t LGBTQ+ people, it’s money.

Please don’t fund this horrible, for-profit company. They don’t truly care about LGBTQ+ people, and they don’t deserve our support.

puts on 90s and early 00s pop punk to think with a clear mind 

7,075 plays!


Forever the fucking jam

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my heart is so broken poor makoto

me on a spanish test: cómo se llama, bonita, mi casa, shakira shakira